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What we offer:

At Aircraft Analytics, we take more of an analytical and practical approach. It is our sincere attempt to help our customers determine the airworthiness and status of their aircraft based on FAA and current Manufacture Maintenance requirements. This information may be useful when trying to determine the value of an aircraft as well as the current status. One way we do this is by viewing each aircraft from the prospective of a Director of Maintenance.

Clients that are Owner / Operators, Project / Maintenance / Managers, or Pilots that have dual roles (Pilot / D.O.M.) may choose to make use of our temporary D.O.M. services during maintenance visits, STC / modifications, or until locating someone on a permanent bases. We place emphasis on daily communication to home base (via email, short videos, and phone conversations), efficiency of maintenance planning, and daily updates (regarding progress during maintenance visits). 



My name is Loren Lewis. I am a U.S. Airforce Honorably Discharged Veteran who worked as a "C-5" Crew Chief from 1981-1985. The C-5 Aircraft was and is the largest Transport Category Aircraft in the United States. As a Crew Chief, my responsibilities were to work as a technician while providing oversight to specialized shops that include avionics, environmental control systems, engine, flight control systems, hydraulics and maintenance control. As an Airman, I've found that the duties of a C-5 Crew Chief are very similar to the duties of a Corporate Aircraft "Director of Maintenance ''. In many cases, a typical day or night shift was to provide over-site on two or three "C-5" Aircraft simultaneously with multiple crews and de-briefs in preparation for arrival and departure flights. 

Once honorably discharged from the Air Force I worked as a senior technician on Space Shuttles Columbia, and Endeavor as well as Military Projects such as (B-1 Heavy Bomber, and the C-17 Transport). Later in my career, I transitioned to Corporate Aviation specializing in maintenance management on Large Cabin Gulfstream aircraft for more than twenty years. 

While working in Corporate Aviation, I've been promoted from Technician, to Lead Technician, to Director of Maintenance to Owner Representative. I have represented affluent clients in the communication and entertainment sectors that requires high levels of discretion and professionalism. 

With the education I received at UCLA, I have incorporated my understanding of Economics into practically all of my thoughts and actions. This is what makes me who I am and unique in our Aviation Industry. I understand that costs is not only about what is spent, but it's the understanding what's given up in-order to reach financial and or project objectives in the short and long run. Being practical is best for all of us regardless of our endeavors.

I strive to focus on safety, communication, doing things correctly the first time, working efficiently, putting people first, being flexible, and achieving objectives, while maintaining a good "Moral Compass" & good relationships. Yes, we're human, problems occur, but you resolve and push through to complete your mission. 

One of the distinct qualities of us at Aircraft Analytics is the "engaged" hands on oversight we provide, which is in our DNA. Frankly, there is no other way to be!